Creation and History

In 2010 Mr. Joan Miquel Coll founds and constitutes the René Quinton Foundation with the aim to study and research about Sea Water with healing purposes, the promotion and spreading of the Marine Therapy, together with the encouragement, promotion and/or the involvement in the planning of all sorts of sport activities in general and in sport activities aviation-related in particular.

The René Quinton Foundation is naturally private and covers the national area, it’s nonprofit and the board is made up by the following people:


President: Mr. Joan Miquel Coll Bouisset


Secretary: Mrs. Cecilia Coll Sánchez


Patron: Mr. Francisco Javier Coll Sánchez


For the compliance of the basic foundational aims, the Foundation will be able to do the following activities:


1 – Research and stydy of sea water, the water and the minerals with a therapeutic purpose.


2 – Encouragement and promotion and/or participation in the planning of all sorts of sports activities.


3 – Encouragement and promotion and/or participation in the planning of all sorts of research, seminars, workshops and crongress activities.


4 – Creation of sports scholarships.


5 – Creation of scholarships for research with healing purposes and health improvement (medicine, pharmacy, nursing, phisiotherapy, biology, etc…)


6 – Encouragement and promotion and/or participation in the planning of all sorts of activities aviation-related.


To whom it helps

The René Quinton Foundation is willing to help any person or legal entity as well as any Organism, Association, Foundation, etc. open to collaborate to carry out its purposes.


For any collaboration request, please use the contact form.


How does it work

The RENÉ QUINTO FOUNDATION is under article 16 of the Law 49/2002 from December 23, under the fiscal regime for nonprofit activities and fiscal incentive for sponsorship.


This is why we will turn in for approval of the protectorate an activity program before every tax year. At the end of every tax year, we will also turn in an annual report corresponding to the planned activities, as well as eventual activities developped that were not originally programmed in the annual plan.


If you wish to know the annual planning for this tax year o suggest a new activity according to the goals of the René Quinton Foundation, please do use the contact form.


René Quinton Museum

With the idea of preserving and spreading the legacy of Mr. Quinton, the René Quinton Foundation, created a little museum in its Alicante office premises. In this museum one may enjoy looking at the first filters made of clay and used for the cold microfiltering, old manuscripts about the evolution of the patients treated in the Marine Dispensaries, old products of that time-period when they were medicines, machinery from the last laboratory stablished in France and many other interesting things that belong to the history of this humanist and his late legacy.


The museum is not open to the public, pero it is available to visit upon appointment contacting the Foundation.


The people responsible of the Foundation will evaluate each request answering in strict chronologic order.