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Who was René Quinton?


Quinton based his theory on a universal premise that formed the base of its therapy: to reconstitute the damaged cell with sea water.

Who was René Quinton

René Quinton covered many fields of human knowledge. His humanist and scientific training led him to be considered a wise man, and throughout his many works, including the unreleased, he had a maximum constant “Science of sensibility”, ie, he brought together the material and the spiritual fields to a harmonious whole.

In addition to his studies in the areas of Biology and Physiology, he was a philosopher, military hero, patron and promoter of aviation, etc., an enthusiastic humanist of his time.

“Facing the physical world that obeys stable laws, evolutionism had made us used to see the living matter as a plastic substance modified by the environment, adapting to survive the changing conditions of the earth”, he described in one of his books. However, in 1897, Quinton formulates a new principle -without denying evolution- to show the ultimate objective of life in all its forms. This way, he discovers that animal wildlife appeared in the sea, despite variations over time, tends to keep its original condition. Instead of passively obeying the influence of the environment, life resists these changes. The anatomical shape changes to help maintain the temperature and salt concentration of the original marine environment.

In the end, the living being -anywhere in the animal scale in which it may appear- remains a genuine marine aquarium, whose cells continue to live in the same water conditions as the primitive cell lived. The disease appears as an alteration of the essential means. This formulation led Quinton to base its scientific theory on a universal premise, which constituted its basic therapy: reconstituting the damaged cell using the water from the oceans, vital medium which mineralization remains identical to the one in our internal environment.

His work culminated in 1904, when he published the book “L’Eau de Mer, milieu organique” (Sea Water, organic medium) laying solid foundations and scientifically proven therapeutic virtues of Sea Water. For example, he found that “any alteration of the extracellular matrix alters cellular nutrition.”

The experiment

En los Dispensarios Marinos de Quinton se aplicaba la Terapia Marina para tratar a personas enfermas.

Experimenting was vital to be able to prove that Sea Water, diluted to Isotony, is identical to the human internal medium.

In 1897, at the Professor Marey’s lab at the “Collège de France”, the first experiment takes place: to bleed dogs completely.

For 8 hours straight, a dog weighing 10 kgs is intravenously transfused 10,4 litres of sea water -104% of its weight- without a single issue. The renal elimination is perfect.

A dog is totally bled out through its femoral artery. The dog is left a step away from bleeding to death, losing its corneal reflex. It gets a transfusion of Sea Water for 11 minutes; the reflex reappears, the dog is brought back to life, stands up and the next morning walks around the whole lab. The dog, named “Sodium” would die 5 years later ran over by a trolley.

Between 1887 and 1904, René Quinton applies his marine treatment gathering observations that would allow him to get a “method” ready, together with some young enthusiastic doctors and prominent clinics’ chiefs.

Quinton begins his therapy in hospitals in Paris where he is allowed to treat the desperate cases: a patient of Typhus in a terminal coma who is believed would die that very day, somebody poisoned with oxalic acid, a woman with syphilis, a man with hepathic cirrhosis, a young woman in labor dying of overbleeding …

Isotonic Sea Water, called back at that time Quinton’s Plasma, in injections, always works out the unexpected: the dying get saved most times.

To conclude his experiments, René Quinton moves on to his study about white globules which, by its nature, are difficult to keep alive in an artificial means. Quinton carries out his study to every specie; fish, batrachians, reptiles, mammals and birds. In all and every case, white globules immersed in Marine Liquid keep presenting signs of normal life.

In a study made recently, Dr. Jose Miguel Sempere, professor in the Biotecnology Department at the University of Alicante, Spain, concluded: “I am convinced that white globules can stay alive in the Quinton Isotonic solution even longer than the 96 hours that we have measured up to now.”


Sea Water holds the totality of the elements on the Mendeleiev table and in the same proportion as our internal medium…

The discovery

At the beginning of his studies, René Quinton discovered that Sea Water held 15 elements of the periodic classification on the Mendeleiev table and as he continued with his researching, he added 5 more elements, suspecting that they would all be included.

In effect, as the clinic testing tools evolved, more elements became evident to finally reach the same conclusion the Biologist sensed from the very beginning: Sea Water contains the totality of elements found on the Mendeleiev table and in the same proportion as our internal medium, made up of the different organic liquids as: extracellular liquid, blood plasma, tears, cerebrospinal fluid, etc…

This discovery was achieved by Henry Doffin, Biology Professor at the Science Faculty in Poitiers, France in 1950. More recently, some research done by the University Coral Gables (Miami, USA) which used a molar proximity by “neutron difraction spectometry” -the most accurate method up to date- to check the cualitative composition of TOTUM ionominerals of Sea Water and its concentration, which gives us 78 BIOAVAILABLE elements in the Sea Water at biologic temperature.

Sea Water in its origine was not as concentrated in mineral salts as it is now, that’s why the concentration needs to be deluted with Spring Mineral Water with a very low amount of minerals.

Every liter of Sea Water holds 300 milimetres of prebiotic derivated from Carbon as aminoacids, sugars, vitamins, etc. The ions (present in the liquid fase, absent in the solid fase) are natural chemical-electronic elements, transformed by the phytoplankton and zooplankton, in natural chains. They act by sinergy effect, in a natural symbiosis with our organism, which liquids natural formula are identical to Sea Water.


About a century ago, a group of influence was born in France, key to the development of the French aeronautics; the National Air League. The founder was René Quinton.