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About René Quinton Foundation

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Creation and History

In 2010 Mr. Joan Miquel Coll founds and constitutes the René Quinton Foundation with the aim to study and research about Sea Water with healing purposes, the promotion and spreading of the Marine Therapy, together with the encouragement, promotion and/or the involvement in the planning of all sorts of sport activities in general and in sport activities aeronautics-related in particular.

The René Quinton Foundation is naturally private and covers the national area, it’s nonprofit and the board is made up by the following people:

President: Mrs. Ángela Pascual Bartolomé

Secretary: Mr. José Antonio Belchí Vicente

Patron: Mr. Francisco Javier Coll Sánchez


The Rene Quinton Foundation will be able to undertake the following activities. This is a non exhaustive list of activites in compliance with the basic aims of the foundation which will be considered as specific foundation missions which form part of the specified objectives of the foundation and will be put into practice as and when necessary in the foundation programs.

1 – Research and study of sea water, of the water, of the minerals and any sort of marine substance with a therapeutic purpose, in order to promote the development of Marine Therapy, as well as activitieswhich encourage national and international progress.

2 – Supporting and encouraging and/or participating in the planning of any type of sporting activities.

3 – Training and further education of professionals and interested parties relating to the development and knowledge of the Marine Therapy, in Spain as well as other countries, via its own training opportunities or in collaboration with other institutions.

4 – Creation of sports scholarships.

5 – Creation of scholarships for research with healing purposes and health improvement (medicine, pharmacy, nursing, phisiotherapy, biology, etc.)

6 – Supporting and encouraging and/or participating in the planning of any type of activities relating to aeronautics, including aeronautic medicine.

7 – Support, encourage and/or contribute to environmental development, through environmental, social, cultural and institutional projects, as well as increasing social awareness the environment through the same projects.

To whom it helps

The René Quinton Foundation is willing to help any person or legal entity as well as any Organism, Association, Foundation, etc. open to collaborate to carry out its purposes.

For any collaboration request, please use the contact form.