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How can you colaborate?


Quinton’s scientific theory is based on a universal premise, which was the goal of its basic therapy: rebuilding the damaged cell through seawater.

The RENÉ QUINTO FOUNDATION is among the Foundations under article 16 of the Law 49/2002 from December 23, under the fiscal regime for nonprofit activities and fiscal incentive for sponsorship, which means you can colaborate in these different ways:


Making a donation in an altruistic gesture to be able to accomplish the general purpose of the Foundation without sponsoring a specific activity. This donation may be anonymous, or not. In case it isn’t, the Foundation is obliged to write a certificate of donation to the donor.

Collaboration agreement

Signing a collaboration Agreement. In this occasion the Foundation and the person or company chosen to collaborate with, would sign a Collaboration Agreement for a specific activity carried out by this cooperation team. In the agreement, it will be specified the kind of donation that the cooperator would make and the destination of the help, which will always meet the aims of the Foundation.

Would you like to make a donation?

If you wish to collaborate in the Foundation’s activities, you only have to make a donation of any amount into our bank account.


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